Meditation and technique

Meditation and technique

To begin, you can select your comfortable position either on the floor or on a chair as long as you are comfortable and relax. Close your eyes very gently as if you are about to sleep. Empty your mind of all thoughts. Breathe in deeply and gently exhale a few times. Release all tension in your body including all muscle. Imagine that inside your body is hollow —with no internal organs. Rest your mind inside your body around the abdomen.

Softly and gently observe any experiences or images that arise.

When resting your mind at the center of the body or anywhere else inside the body, make sure not to strain the eyes. In meditation, we see with the mind, not with the physical eyes; that’s why we close them. If your mind wanders, you can visualize or feel an object or the light to help keep your mind still. To do so, imagine or feel the moon, an orange, flower or the light floating in the middle of your stomach.  You can also repeat the mantra Samma Arahang’ which means purify mind or the mantra ‘Clear and Bright’.

Depending on the degree of stillness and clarity of your mind, after a while you will experience a sense of peacefulness and refreshing joy as if you’ve just come out of an inner spa.

If you feel tense afterwards, chances are you might be trying too hard. Open your eyes, adjust your sitting position until you feel comfortable, and start over again. Stilling the mind is an art, and it is the key to mastering The Middle Way Meditation